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Peppard News is a community newspaper delivered free to every household in the parish of Rotherfield Peppard.  Here we have made available all previous issues of both Peppard News and Junior Peppard News in colour. It is produced and delivered by a team of volunteers who endeavour to bring you all the village news and updates on village organisations supplied by a large community of contributors.  We welcome any additional contributions or letters that our readers may wish to submit.        

Peppard News is a quarterly publication and is also available to read or download from this website or can be sent to you via e-mail.
Since 1st January 2012, Peppard News has been published by Peppard News Publications; an enterprise established by the current Peppard News team members.  The original Constitution was amended in March 2016 and this can be read from the heading on the left of this page. 2015 was the year of Peppard News' 21st Birthday.  To mark this occasion, we published an article in our Winter 2015 issue.

Contributions to Peppard News are accepted via e-mail.  Advertisers can also contact us via this same e-mail address. To meet our publishing schedule please submit your contribution by beginning of February for the Spring issue, beginning of May for the Summer issue, beginning of August for the Autumn issue and then by the beginning of November for the Winter issue.


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Peppard News is a community newspaper delivered free to every household in the parish of Rotherfield Peppard

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